Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Papeeria News, August 18: spellchecker updates and using deep Git repositories

Spellchecker updates

Guten tag, bonjoure, holla! Hey, why is it highlighted with red? We've added German, French and Spanish languages to spellchecker! Italian and Brasilian Portuguese are coming soon.

New languages in the spellchecker

Using deep Git repositories

Sometimes your LaTeX projects are hidden deep in a Git repository. Let's take a look at CV template by Nicola Rainiero which is hosted on GitHub.

In Papeeria you can easily clone the whole repository into a new project, but wait. Besides the CV template, there is a lot of other cool stuff which you probably don't need at the moment. Can you just clone a single folder with the template?

Repository with CV template by Nicola Rainiero and other LaTeX stuff

Yes, you can. Expand Branch section in the dialog and choose the folder which you want to checkout  /CV_models/EuroPassCV in our case  and create a project.

You can choose a subfolder when cloning Git repository in Papeeria

Your new Papeeria project will have only the sources from the chosen folder. And if you had write permissions in the repository (are you Nicola?) you would be able to push the changes from Papeeria to that very folder seamlessly.

Papeeria takes files from the chosen subfolder

This CV template is now available from our Template Gallery. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Papeeria News, July 28

TL; DR: read-write sync between Papeeria project and Git repository

Git sync

We're enhancing our Git integration which was first announced in April and allowed for importing Git repository when creating a new Papeeria project. Today we're launching new synchronization features which enable rich git workflow: pull, checkout, branch, merge and push. Git sync is available to both free and paying users, except that some restrictions apply to free users.

Working with Git from Papeeria

I created a new project from our clone of Deedy resume hosted on GitHub and Git section in the Version Control pane shows me some information.

Git section in the Version Control pane

You can see repository URL, name of the branch and the last revision I synced with.

Pushing changes from Papeeria into the repository

I added a new empty file and now I am going to submit it to the repository. Clicking Sync now button in the Version Control pane opens Git Sync dialog where I can pull the changes from repository and optionally push my changes. However, I need to setup my credentials to be able to push. GitHub uses SSH public key for authorization, so I copy my public key from SSH key section in the dialog and paste it into my account on GitHub.

Don't forget to authorize SSH key on your git hosting

Now I can push, and it completes successfully.

Merging changes

I added a few more lines and at the same time my colleague who prefers to work offline cloned the repository on his laptop, changed some lines in his favorite TeX editor, committed the changes and pushed to the repository. We're both using the same branch and I have to pull his changes into Papeeria and merge them with my work. I open Git Sync dialog, pull the changes and merge completes fine as we didn't touch the same lines.

Merge conflict

However, when it comes to merging we're not always that lucky. Now we both have changes the same line and my attempt to sync failed with merge conflict.

It happens

Project in Papeeria remains intact when merge fails so if I was not in the mood to resolve the conflict I would've just continued my work and merged later. But I don't mind resolving the conflict so I click Start resolving.

Papeeria suggests committing my work into a temporary branch -- that's cool because it allows me to commit and push my updates immediately without waiting for merge.

Commit into a new temporary branch before merging

Now I need to do the merge and I realize it requires running an external git client. I decide to enjoy a cup of coffee before digging into the command line and I close the dialog. Papeeria shows me a reminder about the ongoing merge in the Version Control pane.

Reminder indicates that you had a merge conflict

In a dozen of minutes I get back to Papeeria and click Resume resolving. Merge dialog shows me a few commands which I have to run. git clone, checkout, merge, edit the conflicts in the text editor, git add, commit, push... done! I've merged the changes and pushed them back to papeeria-edition branch which I had been synced with before the conflict happened. I proceed to the third step and switch to papeeria-edition branch again.

The final step of resolving: return back to the working branch

The final history of changes 

Things to keep in mind

  • Only newly created project can be git-enabled.
  • Users subscribed to free Epsilon pricing plan can only pull and push to public repositories hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and Assembla.
  • If you plan to push from Papeeria to Git repo, use SSH protocol and authorize your public key.
  • Merging in case of conflicts requires using external git tools.
Have fun with Git and do no hesitate to contact us in case of any troubles!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Papeeria News, June 11

TL;DR: insert math symbols with Math Assistant

Did you ever find yourself trying to recall what command produces long right arrow? You probably googled it or consulted the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List. In Papeeria you can now use Math Assistant.

Math Assistant dialog

You can open Math Assistant dialog using Insert Maths... command in the editor context menu (hit Alt+Insert to open context menu or ⌃+N if you're on Mac OSX). Keyboard is fully supported, so you can choose the required symbol without moving hands to mouse.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Papeeria News, May 26

Discussions in the margins just got a little bit better:

  • you can now show or hide all discussions or switch them completely off in your browser using a drop-down above the text editor.
  • every discussion can be shown and hidden by clicking its gray label
  • handy shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M starts a new discussion at the caret position (the same shortcut works in Google Docs)
Discussions drop-down

Monday, May 25, 2015

Solving issues with Cyrillic symbols

This help article is written in Russian, since most of our users who are facing issues with Cyrillic come from Russia.

Что делать, если вы вместо кириллических символов видите пустые места или кракозябры?

Неправильный компилятор

Если вы загрузили в Папирию уже готовый проект и вместо русских слов видите пустые места, то скорее всего проблема в выборе компилятора. По умолчанию проекты, созданные в Папирии, используют компилятор XeLaTeX. Проекты, созданные ранее, с большой вероятностью предназначены для компиляции pdfLaTeX'ом. Эти два компилятора по-разному работают со шрифтами, и компиляция XeLaTeX'ом кириллического текста, ожидающего pdfLaTeX, приводит именно к таким симптомам.

Чтобы решить проблему, переключите компилятор в выпадающем списке под кнопкой Compile.

Неправильная кодировка

Если вы сделали новый проект в Папирии, выбрали компилятор pdfLaTeX и применили найденный где-то на просторах интернета "русифицированный" шаблон, то с большой вероятностью ваш шаблон будет ожидать кодировку cp-1251 или koi8-r. Характерным признаком такого шаблона является строка


в преамбуле документа. Папирия, однако, использует UTF-8, поэтому русский текст, скомпилированный с использованием такого шаблона, скорее всего превратится в кракозябры.

Исправить проблему можно двумя способами. Первый: использовать кодировку UTF-8. Вполне возможно, что достаточно заменить cp1251 на utf8 в вышеупомянутой команде: \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}. Но возможно, что не все так просто. В этом случае попробуйте настроить compile-time кодировку.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Text editor settings: word wrapping, font size and spellchecker

If you need to change font size, toggle word wrapping or toggle spellchecker, you can do it from the editor settings.

Open text editor settings by clicking cog icon

Change word wrapping, spellchecker and font size options or toggle discussions

For word wrapping you can also use keyboard shortcut Alt+W.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Papeeria News, May 17

TL;DR: discussions in the margins; font size setting


Did you ever add red-colored remarks like "citation needed" or "TODO: describe algorithm in details" in the sources of your paper? We're sure you did. If you're an advanced TeXnician you probably used todonotes package, but many authors just add text and highlight it manually.

Pierre de Fermat uses marginalia to reply to Blais Pascale comments 

Papeeria v44 adds discussions in the margins. When hovering over the text you can click comment icon next to the text line number and add a comment. Comments show up in the right margin in the text editor. Replies are supported, so you can have discussions in the margins. Once you reached a consensus or completed TODO, you can mark discussion as resolved.

Every single discussion can be shown or hidden, and all discussions can be switched off in the editor settings.

Discussions are stored directly inside the document text as LaTeX comments and remain readable if you export project and continue working offline using other editors.

Font size

Use font size option in the editor settings to make editor fonts bigger or smaller.

Font size option in the settings

Happy typesetting!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Papeeria News, Apr 22

TL;DR: git clone is done; git pull and git push are coming soon

Clone Git repository into Papeeria project

New Project dialog now contains two tabs. Tab named Empty creates a new empty project, just like it was before. Tab named From git creates a project cloned from Git repository of your choice.

Creating new project from OpenFonts folder of Deedy-Resume repository

In the simplest case when repository is public and you want to create Papeeria project from the root directory of repo's master branch you need to paste repository URL only and optionally your new project name.

In more complex cases when you want to clone a particular sub-directory and/or some particular branch, you need to expand Branch section, wait a little bit and choose branch and folder to take the sources from.

Finally, if you want to clone a private repository, you can do it securely as well. We generate SSH keys for you and you need to authorized a public key on Git server. When it is done Papeeria will be granted access and will be able to clone the repo. More details and instructions for GitHub and Bitbucket are available on our help pages.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Курсор Папирии, выпуск от 2 апреля

TL;DR: многоэкранный режим и ссылки на шаблоны в галерее

Многоэкранный режим

Теперь можно набирать текст в окне на одном экране (в окне-редакторе), а результатом любоваться в окне на другом экране (окне-просмотрщике). Если в просмотрщике максимизировать PDF панель то можно наслаждаться большой картинкой во весь экран. Тем, кто верстает сложные документы, наверняка понравится.

Фича пока что чуток сыровата, и требует некоторых лишних движений (скоро их уберём).
  1. Откройте главный файл в редакторе и просмотрщике
  2. Скомпилируйте его в просмотрщике и получите результат
  3. Окно редактора слева и окно просмотрщика со скомпилированным PDF справа
  4. Теперь просмотрщик будет получать новые версии скомпилированного документа. Максимизируйте панель PDF в нём.
  5. Переключитесь в редактор, сделайте изменение и нажмите Compile
  6. Просмотрщик реагирует на команду Compile, сделанную в редакторе

В просмотрщике появится сообщение "Compiling... please wait a sec" и если с документом все в порядке, то через несколько секунд он появится в просмотрщике и будет перемотан на страницу, соответствующую курсору в редакторе (как было и до сегодняшнего дня).

Что делать, если мониторов два, но оба они прибиты к лаптопам? Да всё то же самое. Редактор на одном лаптопе, просмотрщик на другом. Можно даже использовать в качестве просмотрщика планшет, соединённый с плазменной панелью!

Ссылки на галерею шаблонов

У нас, знаете, есть Галерея Шаблонов? Там работает поиск. И теперь у каждого поиска есть постоянная ссылка. Её можно просто копировать из строки адреса в браузере.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Papeeria News, Apr 1

TL;DR: dual monitor support and template gallery permalinks

Dual monitor support

Those who work on complex documents will like our new feature: dual monitors support. It allows to type text in one browser tab (Editor) in one screen and deliver the result PDF to other browser tab (Viewer) opened in the second screen. When PDF pane is maximized in the Viewer tab you see more without the need to zoom out and it makes the typesetting process way easier.

This is a sort of beta- feature, so it requires some work to setup:
  1. Open your main file in both Editor and Viewer
  2. Compile it in the Viewer, get the result
  3. Editor tab on the left and Viewer tab with compiled PDF on the right
  4. Now the Viewer is ready to receive updated PDFs. Maximize PDF pane in the viewer
  5. Now switch to Editor, make changes and compile in the Editor
  6. Viewer is responding to compile action triggered in the Editor

You will see "Compiling... please wait a sec" message in the Viewer, and if everything is okay, in a few seconds PDF will be delivered to the Viewer and synced with the caret position in the Editor.

What if your two monitors are those which come with your laptops? No worries, it works the same way on different computers. Just type text on the editor laptop and watch the results on the viewer. You can even use a tablet connected to plasma panel via HDMI as a viewer!

Template Gallery permalinks

Did you know we have a Template Gallery? Did you know you can search the templates? Cool, now you can link the search results. Just do a search and copy link from the browser address bar.

Try these examples: thesis templates from a few universities around the globe; CV templates in English; cookbook in Russian

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Papeeria News, Mar 11

We've been rolling out a series of small updates last weeks, and here is what we pushed today:

Images preview
Click a PNG/GIF/JPG file in your project and we'll show the image in the editor. How come we've been living without this for so long.

Template Gallery improvements
Previews in the Template Gallery are bigger, description text is wraps them and long texts get blurred  at the end

Курсор Папирии, выпуск от 11 марта

У нас за последние несколько недель случилось много мелких изменений там и сям. Сегодня вот такие:

Просмотр изображений
Если ткнуть в PNG/GIF/JPG картинку, то мы ее покажем в редакторе. Не понимаем, как мы жили без этого.

Галерея шаблонов
Предпросмотр стал крупнее, текст описания шаблона его аккуратно огибает, а длинный текст уходит в дымку, где маячит кнопка "Show more".

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Курсор Папирии, выпуск от 17 февраля

В номере: у нас заработала подсветка программного кода пакетами minted и verbments

В LaTeX есть несколько пакетов, которые могут вставлять в документ программный код с подсветкой синтаксиса, но до недавнего времени пользователи Папирии были ограничены пакетом listings, и не могли использовать более модные пакеты minted и verbments, которые используют в своей работе питоновскую библиотеку pygments. Из соображений безопасности мы не хотели запускать произвольный код во время компиляции. но мы активно работали над изоляцией пользовательских данных и процесса компиляции, и сегодня мы включили shell escaping.
Подсветка программного кода в Папирии

Это означает, что пакеты  minted и verbments.могут теперь работать и подсвечивать ваши листинги. Мы также установили minted версии 2.0, который появился буквально месяц назад.

Пример, показанный на картинке вверху, можно посмотреть в демонстрационном проекте.

Удачи и красивой верстки!

Papeeria News, Feb 17

TL;DR: you can now use minted and verbments packages for highlighting source code listings

There are a few packages in LaTeX which can highlight source code listings. Until recently Papeeria users were restricted to listings package only and could not use more advanced minted and verbments which both use Python library pygments to do highlighting. The reason was that due to security reasons we didn't allow TeX engine to run arbitrary code. However, we've been working hard on isolation of user data and sandboxing compilation processes, and today we enabled shell escaping.

Source code listings in Papeeria

Now everyone can enjoy syntax highlighting with minted and verbments. We also installed minted 2.0 which was released just a month ago.

You can find the sources of the code from the picture above in the demo project.

Have fun, and happy typesetting!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Курсор Папирии, выпуск от 2 февраля

В номере: галерея шаблонов

В выпущенном сегодня обновлении Папирии появилась галерея шаблонов. Сами по себе шаблоны появились у нас полгода назад, но до сих пор увидеть имеющиеся шаблоны можно было только в диалоге создания нового документа. Теперь же список шаблонов, с возможностью поиска, живет на своей собственной странице.

В галерее показываются публично доступные шаблоны, добавленные командой Папирии или нашими пользователями. Список отсортирован по популярности: чем чаще шаблон применяют. тем выше он в списке.

Так как большинство наших пользователей находится в России, то лидируют русскоязычные шаблоны, но если вам нужны англоязычные, вы можете их найти, введя фильтр lang:en в строку поиска.

Известный шаблон резюме "Friggeri CV" в нашей галерее

Любой шаблон можно скачать в виде ZIP архива. Регистрации для этого не требуется. Если же хочется сделать новый проект из шаблона, то нужно быть зарегистрированным пользователем.

Papeeria News, Feb 02

TL;DR: Template Gallery

We just've pushed a new update which adds a template gallery. We launched templates half a year ago, but until recently one could see them in New Document dialog only. Now the searchable list of templates is available to everyone.

Template gallery shows a list of public available templates, submitted by Papeeria Team or by other users, sorted by template popularity. Those who are signed in will also see their own private templates, if any, before the public ones.

At the moment of writing this the most popular templates are in Russian, as we have many users from Russian universities. Type "lang:eng" in the search box to see English or international templates.

Template gallery showing Friggeri CV template

No registration is required for downloading a template as ZIP archive of for browsing a template project. If you want to create a new project from template you need to be signed in.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vote for Papeeria on TeX Stack Exchange!

Hey Papeeria users,
we need your help.

TeX Stack Exchange site, one of the best Q&A resources on LaTeX, is running Community Promotion Ads campaign. They will be showing small banners on their pages for free during the whole 2015 provided that banner gets enough votes from the community members.

Our banner participates in the competition and we need your vote!

How to vote: just click upvote (pen nib upwards) icon to the left of our banner in our answer: http://meta.tex.stackexchange.com/a/5939

Who can vote: those who have more than 15 reputation points on TeX SE. If you have them then just vote. If you don't have reputation on TeX Stack Exchange, but have good reputation on other sites from Stack Exchange network, e.g. on Stack Overflow, then you can associate your account on TeX SE with account on Stack Overflow and most likely you'll get enough reputation points to vote.

Thanks in advance for your help!