Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Papeeria News, August 18: spellchecker updates and using deep Git repositories

Spellchecker updates

Guten tag, bonjoure, holla! Hey, why is it highlighted with red? We've added German, French and Spanish languages to spellchecker! Italian and Brasilian Portuguese are coming soon.

New languages in the spellchecker

Using deep Git repositories

Sometimes your LaTeX projects are hidden deep in a Git repository. Let's take a look at CV template by Nicola Rainiero which is hosted on GitHub.

In Papeeria you can easily clone the whole repository into a new project, but wait. Besides the CV template, there is a lot of other cool stuff which you probably don't need at the moment. Can you just clone a single folder with the template?

Repository with CV template by Nicola Rainiero and other LaTeX stuff

Yes, you can. Expand Branch section in the dialog and choose the folder which you want to checkout  /CV_models/EuroPassCV in our case  and create a project.

You can choose a subfolder when cloning Git repository in Papeeria

Your new Papeeria project will have only the sources from the chosen folder. And if you had write permissions in the repository (are you Nicola?) you would be able to push the changes from Papeeria to that very folder seamlessly.

Papeeria takes files from the chosen subfolder

This CV template is now available from our Template Gallery. Enjoy!