Monday, December 22, 2014

Legacy 8-bit charsets in Papeeria

Papeeria keeps text files in UTF-8 and that's okay for most of the users. They either write in plain English or are happy with UTF-8 support in the modern TeX. However, there are legacy packages, document classes and bibliography styles which work best when user input is in a "legacy" 8-bit charset, such as Windows 1251 or KOI8-R, and some people need those packages for compiling. Usually documents which may need legacy charsets have something like this in the preamble:


Papeeria can convert your text files from UTF-8 to 8-bit charsets before feeding them to TeX compiler. You can choose compile-time encoding in the project settings on the dashboard. Select a project, go to "Configuration" tab in the right pane and choose appropriate charset

We've added just two charsets which are the most popular in the Russian TeX community. If you need other charsets, please let us know.