Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Papeeria News, Apr 25: easier to join and easier to leave

Immediate joining

If Bob want to invite Alice to collaborate on his project, and Alice is already registered and has verified her email, Bob can just add Alice's email into the list of collaborators. Access will be granted immediately (page refresh may be required for Alice), although Alice will still get a notification email.

Immediate leaving

If Alice no more wants to collaborate in Bob's project, she can select the project in the "Shared Projects" section in the dashboard and leave it using Trash icon in the right pane.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Papeeria News, Apr 12: secure connection and word count

TL;DR: 55 years ago a spacecraft with Yury Gagarin aboard was launched into space! And oh, yes, we just've launched word count feature and switched our server to secure connection.

Word count

Word count statistics
This small feature sometimes may turn out pretty useful. Now we count words and some other statistics in your document and show it in the log pane. We use texcount utility which basically makes a simple parsing of the source code. It should work fine for straightforward documents where text is not widely generated by custom macros. Please refer to texcount docs for the details of counting and tuning.

Secure connection

Secure connection everywhere
Until today we've been using secure connections for the most sensitive requests like authentication. Now we have completely switched to secure protocol. If you have an open session, you need to sign in again.