Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Papeeria News, Apr 1

TL;DR: dual monitor support and template gallery permalinks

Dual monitor support

Those who work on complex documents will like our new feature: dual monitors support. It allows to type text in one browser tab (Editor) in one screen and deliver the result PDF to other browser tab (Viewer) opened in the second screen. When PDF pane is maximized in the Viewer tab you see more without the need to zoom out and it makes the typesetting process way easier.

This is a sort of beta- feature, so it requires some work to setup:
  1. Open your main file in both Editor and Viewer
  2. Compile it in the Viewer, get the result
  3. Editor tab on the left and Viewer tab with compiled PDF on the right
  4. Now the Viewer is ready to receive updated PDFs. Maximize PDF pane in the viewer
  5. Now switch to Editor, make changes and compile in the Editor
  6. Viewer is responding to compile action triggered in the Editor

You will see "Compiling... please wait a sec" message in the Viewer, and if everything is okay, in a few seconds PDF will be delivered to the Viewer and synced with the caret position in the Editor.

What if your two monitors are those which come with your laptops? No worries, it works the same way on different computers. Just type text on the editor laptop and watch the results on the viewer. You can even use a tablet connected to plasma panel via HDMI as a viewer!

Template Gallery permalinks

Did you know we have a Template Gallery? Did you know you can search the templates? Cool, now you can link the search results. Just do a search and copy link from the browser address bar.

Try these examples: thesis templates from a few universities around the globe; CV templates in English; cookbook in Russian