Sunday, May 17, 2015

Papeeria News, May 17

TL;DR: discussions in the margins; font size setting


Did you ever add red-colored remarks like "citation needed" or "TODO: describe algorithm in details" in the sources of your paper? We're sure you did. If you're an advanced TeXnician you probably used todonotes package, but many authors just add text and highlight it manually.

Pierre de Fermat uses marginalia to reply to Blais Pascale comments 

Papeeria v44 adds discussions in the margins. When hovering over the text you can click comment icon next to the text line number and add a comment. Comments show up in the right margin in the text editor. Replies are supported, so you can have discussions in the margins. Once you reached a consensus or completed TODO, you can mark discussion as resolved.

Every single discussion can be shown or hidden, and all discussions can be switched off in the editor settings.

Discussions are stored directly inside the document text as LaTeX comments and remain readable if you export project and continue working offline using other editors.

Font size

Use font size option in the editor settings to make editor fonts bigger or smaller.

Font size option in the settings

Happy typesetting!