Friday, December 5, 2014

Managing Papeeria cookies


Cookie is a small piece of text data which is downloaded from a web site, stored in a web browser and associated with a browser user and visited web site. They may store information which is essential for providing the requested service and may store non-essential information which may help web site with improving service and user experience.

According to so-called "European Cookie Law" (Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011) we are required to gain user's consent to store non-essential cookies.

You can find more information about the Cookie Law on the internet. This article on Wired is good read.

Cookies set by Papeeria website sets three kinds of cookies.

  1. Authentication cookie which is essential for providing service. It is a session cookie, it is set when user signs in and cleared when user signs out.
  2. User preferences cookies, which include chosen interface language and authentication method. They help us to show greeting and last used sign in method in the sign in widget. These cookies are persistent and live longer than one session
  3. Google Analytics cookies which track your visits of our site pages. These cookies are persistent and anonymized

Consent to use non-essential cookies 

You opt-in and give us your consent to set non-essential cookies when you sign up or later sign in into Papeeria, as warning in the sign-in dialog and corresponding section in the Terms of Service declare. 


We're working on implementation of opt-out from using non-essential cookies.

Clearing cookies

Should you decide to clear all cookies set by Papeeria, you can do it in your web browser settings. We will add an easy way to clear all cookies with a single button click on our website later.

Click application menu button, then choose Settings, find "Content settings..." button in Privacy section (sits in Advanced settings. Searching for "cook" in the search box helps a lot). In the Cookies section of Content Settings dialog click "All cookies and site data" button, search for "" and either click "remove all shown" or remove individual sites with close buttons.