Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Papeeria News, Mar 11

Papeeria v21, published a few days ago, adds synchronization between the caret position and PDF preview; human-readable names of download artifacts (PDF and ZIP files) and context menu in the text editor.

PDF sync

Until this update, PDF viewer would reset to the first page every time you compile. It might be very annoying if you needed to see the how changes you just had typed somewhere in the middle of your code would be rendered. Now we try to guess what page in the PDF file corresponds to your caret position and we scroll the preview to that page after compiling. It works pretty accurate, although may slightly fail sometimes. For instance, in slides with overlay effects one line of code may map to many PDF pages.

Human-readable file names

We have replaced meaningless hash codes in the names of downloadable PDF files with combinations of project name and compilation target name, so instead of something like 0b62b36df8b25474d5766f5c34d0e1c3.pdf you will download  Papeeria v20: Plots - Demo.pdf

If you download a ZIP archive of your project, its name will be the same as project name.

Editor context menu

Alt+Insert shortcut (Ctrl+n on Mac OSX) will trigger context menu which currently consists of a single item Insert Image, which shows figure assistant. It will become more rich very soon.
Context menu