Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Papeeria News, Mar 21: integration with Mendeley

TL;DR: paid plan subscribers can now pull their bibliography from Mendeley into Papeeria project.

Biblio pane

You can now access bibliography files in the new Biblio pane. It shows a filtered project tree with only bib files and provides a Big Red Button to create or import new bibliography.

Integration with Mendeley

If you're using Mendeley for managing bibliography records, you can now import the references into bibtex file in Papeeria and keep it synced afterwards. This premium feature is available to paying users subscribed to plan Delta

Connect Papeeria with Mendeley in the settings pane

Import references from Mendeley into Papeeria using New Biblio button in the Biblio pane. Currently we pull all available references and write them all into one BibTeX file.

Sync references from time to time in the same Bibliography Files dialog