Monday, February 22, 2016

Papeeria News, Feb 22: feature which you don't want to use and graduation from Beta

TL;DR: we added a feature which we hope you will never need to use and consider ourselves graduated from Beta

Leslie Lamport (that guy who created LaTeX, yo) defined distributed system as the one where the crash of a computer you've never heard of stops you from getting any work done. This perfectly applies to online services as well and sometimes we hear from people that they don't use online services for writing their documents exactly because of that. And in many cases outage it is not the fault of the service: it is the fault of the datacenter where the service is running.

Fortunately we have never faced such outages but our competitors did:
Since our beta launch in September 2013 we have been concerned about the availability of our users' data and we're glad to announce that from now on Papeeria users will have access to their projects even if a datacenter where Papeeria servers are running becomes unavailable.

Papeeria Carbon Copy [1] is another instance of Papeeria which runs in a separate availability zone and is synced with the main site. In the unlikely event when the main Papeeria site goes down, you can still access your data through the Carbon Copy site.

We do our best to make sure that you will never have to use this feature and constantly add monitoring and self-healing measures to the main site.

However, now we can consider ourselves as graduated from beta phase where we have been for the last 2+ years. Service availability was the key thing which kept us in beta according to our quality standards.

[1] Papeeria Carbon Copy: