Friday, July 11, 2014

Papeeria News, July 11

TL;DR: real-time collaboration

That's it, basically. If you're working on a project with your colleagues, you can enjoy real-time editing from now on, provided that collaborators have write permissions. This feature is available on all pricing plans.

Real-time collaboration

Every editor can see carets and names of other collaborators (hint: you can toggle names with Alt+C shortcut). Our server continuously merges edits into a single document. Normally it succeeds, but if for some reason merging fails, it notifies appropriate users.

Users of Papeeria Mobile will continue blocking files which they edit for a while, but we're working on removing this restriction.

Grigory who has been working hard on this feature for a few months is just a superman.

Notifications in Papeeria Mobile

Besides real-time collaboration, this update brings notifications to Papeeria Mobile. Thanks to Alexander for that!

Notifications in the mobile interface

Stay tuned! New cool features are coming!